Website Analysis

Let’s have a look under your hood

When you’ve had your website for a while, sometimes it can feel a little stale and you may find yourself wondering if it is even effective in attracting customers to performing well. That is where a website analysis can come into play. Working together with one of our D3 website specialists, we can take a deeper dive into your existing website and help you to locate problem areas. Sometimes all it takes are a few little tweaks to bring your website back to speed. Pending the state of your website it may require a little more work to bringing it back to its indented glory and make it the customer converting power house you are hoping for.

We happily provide you with a free analysis report and will also come up with a timeline and quote to fix any issues with your site. Even if you choose not to work with us you will have a good idea about the state of your current website.

Our website analysis is your go-to optimization resource

Website Performance Optimization

  • Server Response Rate Check
  • Page Content Load Speed Analysis
  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript File Errors
  • Image Optimization & Size

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Title & Meta Tags Analysis
  • Header & Keyword Density Evaluation
  • Internal & External Backlink Crawl
  • Structural Markup & Analytics Check


  • Active SSL Certificate in Use
  • HTTP Redirects to HTTPS
  • Virus & Malware Detection
  • Software & Email Privacy Check

Social Media

  • Check Connected Social Media Accounts
  • Likes, Shares & Follower Analysis
  • Social Engagement Optimization
  • Optimization for Increased Reach

Competitive Analysis

  • Detect traffic share for any referral source
  • Discover valuable site partners
  • Referral partnerships by analyzing any referral website’s traffic share


  • Check fonts, color, imagery, icons
  • Recommendations on improving readability and user engagement
  • Branding