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We design & develop custom web applications for your business

We are here to help you build incredible mobile applications for iOS and Android. From simple to complex, data-driven or conversion-driving, we are here to bring your vision to life.

Android & iOS Compatible

Year by year, the number of users of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and iPads is growing. It doesn’t end here. We also use TV Apps now.

It’s not only about visiting websites and surfing social media. But also the fact that your mobile device has instant access to camera, location, other apps, GPS, your photo gallery or library, etc.

As of today Android and iOS have been 2 major platforms for Apps. Information below are some stats from IDC in regards to Android and iOS users, as of December 2020.

07 Apps Online App Builder is super easy-to-use. Starting from the name of your business, by just entering some details, choosing the category fo the application, picking up a color, and finally selecting the device you can start adding features to your mobile app.

Check out this short video on how functional and impressive our apps can be.

Great features that work on all stationary and mobile devices

UX/UI Optimized

Our software is equipped with all the bells and whistles needed for converting user experiences. We are constantly adding new features to the mix so you can go with the latest trends.

Easy Setup

Easily create powerful mobile app interfaces for your business’s data in minutes, or get help from our experienced developers. We offer it all without ever having to look at code.

Cloud Based

All your data in one place. Our cloud based solutions help to collaborate with colleagues, connect multiple data sources, and safely share your apps with teammates, customers, and partners.

24/7 Support

Always here when you need us. Our customer support can assist with any account related issues and emergencies, but also for help with mobile app development.

Push Notifications

Increase engagement with your app, and improve customer conversion and retention by adding this powerful tool to your app.

Instant Functionality

Design and launch your mobile app within hours, not weeks. Sign-up, connect your data, create your app and go! Sounds easy, is easy.

Social Media Integration

Social integration is a necessary feature in brands and consumers connecting within the application ecosystem. Integrating with social channels simplifies the signing up process by retrieving information from the channel, allows to share posts about various events to remain users engaged with the app.

Include Payment Gateways

Accepting payments is essential in trading and an extra marketing. It is highly advantageous to increase in the sales raising, and thus companies market share. This feature is applied for checking the user’s information validation, ensuring an appropriate amount of money for making a purchase is.

Advanced Analytics

Implementation the analytics feature is the key element that is used to understand the user’s behaviors deeper by tracking and measuring their activity within the app. It is useful in identifying the marketing strategy, working towards user experience improvement, which will ultimately benefit the company’s business.

QR Code integration

QR and Barcode Scanner is a highly advantageous feature allowing customers to come directly in a convenient way. QR code is picked to be framed and scanned in order to redirect a user to an item detail page helping to save time, to provide the best user experience or UX, and to improve conversion.

High Security

The primary feature that should be implemented to protect data confidentiality. Security capabilities, security improvements should be added to the app to keep data both private and secure. It helps to increase and to improve the trust factor of the mobile app.

Best Performance

All software products require proper evolution management according to business goals of their owners and needs of their users. Read more about our approach to software product updates that helps us build and retain high quality and relevance of mobile apps.

Augmented Reality

An innovative and dynamic feature that allows “to try before buy” model. This model enables to try on new items or goods based on users’ characteristics to increase their ability before making a decision to purchase. AR feature goes beyond the realms of reality and provides with something exciting and extremely interactive.

We can also integrate your AR Experience with IVE. Instant Virtual Experience (IVE) is a technology specifically designed to visualize and preview wall and flooring products in their designated spaces using augmented reality.

How it Works

  • Analysis and Planning

    In this step we look into the details of what you need from us! Then We come up with the game plan that involves time-frame, estimates, and requirements from you.

  • Designing and Development

    We work on your app’s User Interface. Together with you we choose the right colours, layouts, etc. Developments, User Experience, and programming will all be done in this stage of the work.

  • Contents, Configurations, and Data Entry

    In this stage of the work, we either train you on how to fulfill the website with your content, or we enter the data that you’ve provided us with. We also need to configure the software application to make it tailored to your needs.

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Our pricing for our “Do It Yourself” app builder starts from as low as $149 / month including everything such as hosting, control panel, app building tools, etc. You can read all about it on

Our pricing Custom Designed Apps starts from $981 + A small subscription fee to cover our recurring services and push notifications capacity. Get a Free Audit and Estimate Here

Want to do it yourself? Use our simple & intuitive DIY app builder

We have developed 07apps, our very own mobile app development solution that enables users to create a mobile application in three easy steps, no coding required. Our intuitive DIY app builder allows users to develop stunning iPhone and Android apps, loaded with extra features and plug-ins such as push notifications, CRM integrations, real estate MLS/IDX, augmented reality, analytics, and many more.