Marketing Consulting

We convert your marketing to revenue

We can provide you with an outside perspective on your existing marketing activities and advise on improvements based on your plans, budgets and resources.

Our experts can help analyze and create detailed marketing plans, determine the correct marketing message, and identify the appropriate marketing mix to deliver the messages out to your desired target market.

Upon request, we can also support you with implementing your marketing strategy. We monitor results and tweak campaigns post implementation for best results.

Marketing Program Strategy

We help finding the right ideas and executing on them by ensuring your program strategy is driving quantifiable outcomes that connect you with your audience.

  • Strategic Blueprint & Roadmaps
  • Segmentation & Personalization
  • Cross-Channel Design
  • Customer Lifecycle
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Research

Marketing Operations

Let’s not waste any time. At D3, we develop operational strategies that accounts for the people, processes and technology to optimize marketing performance, including:

  • Process Roadmaps
  • Team Utilization Framework & KPI
  • Technical Training
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Automation and Integration

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We tick all the boxes to help with your business growth

We look at the bigger picture

We are looking beyond the obvious measures to connect your with your audience. Creating elaborate channel strategies is what we do.

Brand Identity

We start asking, “why should someone buy from me instead of my competitors? “ The answer is your value statement. Creating a strong value statement that can be used throughout your digital marketing efforts and help map out your content strategy so everything stays aligned.

Know your audience

Getting to know your customers and how they are interacting with your business online allows you to focus your efforts across platforms and ensure you are effectively meeting your customers’ needs and expectations.

24/7 Support

Always here when you need us. Our customer support can assist with any account related issues and emergencies, but also for help with mobile app development.

Organic Growth

Building traffic organically is one of the best ways to lower your average cost per purchase across all platforms. It can increase conversions without having to spend money on ads, while simultaneously increasing the size of your middle and bottom funnel.

Platform Syncing

By keeping all of your platforms synced, you’ll be able to maximize the reliability, accuracy, and speed of your data from platform to platform, all of which leads to improved efficiency and higher returns.

Content Strategy

Content is a long-term marketing strategy and should be strategically planned out to be as efficient as possible. The last thing you want to do is always be scrambling for fresh content.

Website Optimization

Optimizing your company website should be one of the first things to prevent wasted energy on traffic driving strategies that can fall short when prospective customers land on your site and don’t immediately find what they’re looking for.

Paid Media Strategy

Paid media may or may not be for you. We are here to help you find the right channel-mix to maximize the impact of your marketing budget.

How it Works

  • Analysis and Planning

    In this step we look into the details of what you need from us! Understanding your organization’s vision and values is crucial in designing a strategy to connect you with your audience. We will come up with the game plan that involves time-frame, estimates, and requirements from you.

  • Designing and Development

    We design a plan by developing your organization’s identity, positioning and key messaging for your digital communications.

  • Approval and Implementation

    Upon approval of our strategy draft, we will map out the tactics, and support you executing any action items.

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Every business is different. What works for one company does not necessarily work for another. Your goals and approach may not be the same. We create a strategy suited to you and what you want to accomplish.

Please reach out so we can get to know you and your business challenges better before drafting a detailed project proposal.