Create Visual Impacts

Corporate Videos

Share your brand’s story, create dynamic short videos, show off your products or services, create visual snippets for your next social media campaign. Take advantage of the endless opportunities to engage with your audience or attract new clients.

Real Estate Videos

Imagine having a a full cinematic walk-through of a home and property. Besides offering 360 virtual tours with Matterport, we are offering these powerful selling tools for an even better impression of realty properties.

Aerial Videography & Drone Videos

Our aerial & drone filming capabilities create unique perspectives to make your video stand out. We work with the latest drone technologies and qualified, licensed pilots.

Videos that bring your business and services to life.

One of the most powerful ways to engage with your audience is through videos. Tell your story, showcase your products or services, introduce your company or simply entertain. At D3, we can rely on a network of talented camera operators, editors, writers and directors. Having access to the gear and crews, all our video production team needs to deliver high quality, professional, and high quality videos Is your vision. From here, we have got you covered,  from conceptualization to completion.

For more information or to share your ideas about your next big promotional blog buster, contact D3 today.

Showcase your business with Corporate Videos

Besides promote and raise awareness of a company’s brand as a whole, corporate videos can be used in a business setting and serve many different purposes:

  • Training, instructional, and safety videos for employees
  • Investor presentations
  • New product or service demonstrations
  • Client and customer testimonial videos
  • Event or activity event summaries
  • Business event summaries
  • Live webcasting
  • Interviews with company leaders
  • Company introductions to potential clients or customer

Real Estate Virtual Video Slideshows

Real estate is a highly competitive market in Canada. Imagine having a a full cinematic walk-through of the home and property you are listing. Add your Video Slideshow on your website and other social sites, like YouTube for potential buyers can then explore properties virtually from the comfort of their own homes.

We have been working with realtors, brokers, property managers, retailers, and more. You too can stand out from the competition and provide a cinematic experience to your clients.

Take to the sky with aerial and drone footage

Looking for a way to literally add a whole new perspective to your social video efforts? Drone videography has become the hottest trend in event marketing, specifically, in recent times, providing a unique and engaging way to capture video footage – By investing in aerial photography or videography, your business is statistically going to sell more faster and bring in more prospective buyers.

Get an idea on how functional and impressive our videos can look.

Must have features all our productions include

The right length

What’s the ideal length for a marketing video? A general rule is to keep it under 3 minutes. More specifically, 1-3 minutes is a good guideline. Keeping your video short, but not so short that it’s finished in a blink of an eye, will guarantee continued engagement.

A clear Call to Action

A video’s call to action (or CTA) directs the viewer to visit a specific place, such as the company website. Effectively, a call to action is a way to convert leads from your corporate video. While you may be posting your video on social media, it’s always best to include your CTA in the video itself. If you only include it in the social media caption, your audience might miss it.

A clear Message

Clear message is simply one that is clear and important. It can be simple – what matters is that there’s no confusion as to what it is. We make sure there is a clear theme through your entire video. Use your slogan as a stamp to seal the whole thing up and voila, we have a great video. 

Maximize impact

Host your video on popular platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and obviously on your company website. Doing so may help you get you ranked with Google, found in search results, and visited by both loyal and new customers.

Impress with value

No one is expecting your corporate video to be the competition against the cinema’s next blockbuster movie release. However, you should invest in corporate video production just as you would any other marketing strategy you use your annual budget on.

Audio visual experience

Animations, color schemes, background imagery and music, and even voiceovers can really take a plain video to the next level and engage viewers for longer.

How it Works

  • Pre Production

    From scriptwriting to casting, we have an experienced team that can turn an idea into a full production plan. A little research on your brand’s voice and tone before writing the creative.  Once we know what the goals are and how they’ll be achieved, we’ll get to work crafting the story.

  • Production

    This is where all the magic happens. We’ll capture every moment we planned for on the best cameras and equipment, and make sure the day runs smoothly.

  • Post Production

    Where the real magic happens. Our team of experienced editors will work with our directors to finally assemble the pieces of the puzzle and craft the story.

Want to hear some stats?


of users got more traffic to their website after using videos


YouTube is the second most popular website in the world (after Google)


of companies say that video content is a major part of their marketing plan

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